A Message from the Owner

          It is especially important during these difficult times, that we keep sight of what is most important to us. We value the safety of our team-members, customers, and their friends/family above all else. For this reason, it is our belief that everyone must do their part to prevent or reduce the spread of COVID-19.



With this goal in mind, we have instituted the following recommendations and guidelines for our customers and team-members

  1. We have decided to keep our vaccums and outdoor customer areas open. Sanitation procedures will be conducted every 2 hours of all commonly touched vacuum hoses and tools used by our customers and team-memebers.
  2. Customers must wear gloves while using our vacuums and tools.  Gloves will be provided at vacuum stations, and the dispensers will be sanitized every 2 hours.  It is recommended, as well, that facial masks be worn at all times to reduce the chance of infection.
  3. We will enforce social distancing at our locations – customers and associates shall not be closer than 6 foot apart at any time for any reason. As an extension to this rule, we have installed intercom stations and remote credit card readers (one-swipe approval) to keep social distancing at a maximum
  4. Indoor, areas such as Mat Washer/Rug Beater rooms will remain closed. We felt there was no reasonable way to keep these areas safe, as enclosed community spaces increase the risk of infection
If you have any additional questions, feel free to use the “Contact” link at the top of our website. These messages go directly to me, and I am happy to address any questions, comments, or concerns of our communities.  Thank you!


Kevin D. Matthews